– Marillion: Just For The Record –

by Paul Woodgate

Ask anyone about Marillion and the first three things they will say to you are:

  1. Kayleigh
  2. Lavender, Dilly Dilly
  3. It’s all long songs and prog, innit?

If only they knew.

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– Limbo –

by Miracle Mile

If you press play on your car’s CD player as you set off from Chelmsford on a March morning heading north on the A12, Miracle Mile’s Limbo lasts until just north of Darsham. On March 10 every year, I drive to Pakefield, a village Lowestoft swallowed some years ago, to bear witness to an anniversary.

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– Looking For A Day In The Night –

by The Lilac Time

In the early Noughties I bought an album on the strength of the cover art. Black and red, the blurred outline of a face, a hand reaching up or out (to protect, to caress?) and ‘The Lilac Time’ in white text, off-center. Simple. Powerful. Who was this, their music nestled deep in a busy CD rack in HMV, surrounded, with some artistic licence, by Leonard Cohen and Linda Ronstadt?

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